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I am a certified Doctor of Ayurveda from National Institute of Ayurveda, Jaipur, India. I have been an Ayurvedic Consultant for past 13 years. I have experience in advising people on wide array of problems such as obesity, diabetes, stress, depression, low immunity, insomnia, low digestive health, chronic pain (joints) and women health issues.

I live and love Ayurveda. My focus is always on helping clients live a natural healthy lifestyle by balancing their doshas using my extensive knowledge of Ayurvedic principles.

My way of working with people is to coach them on a journey of small steps. I do not believe in making big changes overnight by taking small steps regularly to make big changes. Ayurveda principles do not work without personal discipline and positive morale. I will be there for you throughout your journey just like a team member.

I promise your journey will be a fun and exciting one. Following Ayurveda will bring a positive change in your life. You will feel rejuvenated and be be able to live life to its fullest because the change you will see in yourself will be a long lasting change. The small incremental steps we take will ensure this journey is worth the effort.