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My healing journey has been amazing with Dr. Shweta. She is an absolute gem. Shout out to all the people who want to start their Ayurveda Journey. Her consistent support and encouragement helped me to stay on track and I am feeling great after taking herbs she advised me for my constitution. Thank you Dr. Shweta.

Kapil Sethi

I am amazed how natural Ayurveda therapies can do wonders. I got right guidance from Shweta and I am so glad I found her. She changed my mindset and my relationship with food. So much to learn more. Highly recommend her services.

Ashish Sharma

My session with Ayush for Life was amazing.. she took the time to ask the questions in a through way and took the time to understand me then give me some suggestions to get my Dosha aligned, and to live more in line with it. Highly recommend!!!

Becky Rehberg

I came to know about Vd. Shweta from one of my close friend. I have been suffering from headaches on and off for over 2years. I didn’t take it seriously until it started hampering my studies. I am so thankful to Shweta for being patient with me and explaining in detail why I was having the headaches. Her treatment was very effective and helped me to focus on my studies.

Yogesh Aggarwal

Amazing experience with Shweta.. She is very nice an full of knowledge about ayurveda. My baby had sleeping problem and was not sleeping well too. But after I met Shweta he is doing great and improving every day. I highly recommend her.

Aditi Behl

I was suffering from arthritis since I had my delivery. I took conventional treatment and was asked to take immuno suppressants. Doctors said that this is the only line of management they have for me for this disease. I was scared and didn’t want to continue because I was feeling so miserable. I am feeling so good after following treatment plan advised to me by Vd. Shweta. I started seeing improvements in me after a week of treatment. The inflammation went away. My digits pain disappeared. I am blessed to have Vd. Shweta in my life.

@@$th@ D!w@n

I would recommend Ayush for life 100%. Dr. Shweta is very patient and knowledgeable. I was suffering from stuffed nose and cough for years. After adopting all practices she suggested I feel much better. Her marma therapy session was on point. I feel so much happy now.

Khiladi Yaman Kumar

I was so fed up with acne on my face and back. Dr. Shweta helped me understand my problem and supported me through out the treatment. She is phenomenal. Very knowledgeable ayurvedic doctor. I am a new person now. No acne, my appetite is good, my sleep is good.

Khushi Aggarwal

Some people are inspiring and always keep you motivated to be respectful and mindful of your body, mind and soul. Dr. Shweta is one of them.

Harbhajan Sidhu