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Do you provide embassy legalization in my country?

Yes, we can. However, we cannot provide embassy legalization in North Korea, Cuba, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Georgia, and Mali. Embassy legalization is quite time consuming and we usually advise that you get a lawyer for legalization and apostille in your country. If you need more information on this, please send us an email. […]

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Can you provide legalization?

Yes, we can. We have lawyer legalization for your degree. The legalization is a two-piece document. Our lawyer will sign and stamp your degree (extra set of degree) and offer extra sheet of document (called Jurat with Affiant Statement). This will have the official lawyer’s signature and stamp, the date and the university degree. This […]

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Do you provide graduation gown and hood?

Yes, we do. We have variety of graduation gowns and hood based on your degree major. Our graduation caps come in different sizes but our graduation gowns have just one size. Please note that graduation gown and hood take about one to two weeks to ship from the university warehouse. […]

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Can you provide dissertation/thesis?

Yes, we can. However, extra charges will apply. You will let us know what you want for your thesis so that we can customize your dissertation for you. The dissertation will become a permanent record of the university or the permanent record in the library. It takes about two to three months for us to […]

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Can my employer verify my degree?

Yes, however, they need to have your consent before they can verify your degree. To verify your degree, you should provide your full name as it appears on your degree, date of birth, graduation date, degree title, mailing address, major, and your signature so as to process your verification. Due to security reasons, no university […]

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Can I verify my degree through email or phone call?

NO, verification cannot be done through email or phone. This is for privacy reasons and all universities in the world impose this confidential and privacy practice. Email and phone verification are not safe because anyone can verify through phone or email. Universities therefore use written verification method through postal mail or fax. […]

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