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Peya (Medicated Rice gruel)

This easy quick Ayurvedic healthy recipe has anti ageing effect and perfect for glowing skin, perfect for weight loss and diabetic friendly.

This easy quick Ayurvedic healthy recipe has anti ageing effect and perfect for glowing skin, perfect for weight loss and diabetic friendly. Its easy to digest and restores gut health.

The signs of physical and mental stress can be slowed down or prevented by following thesimple Ayurvedic lifestyle modifications and diet.

Are you noticing the signs of aging? Here’s how to prevent them with the help of Ayurveda anti-aging food recipe- Peya

The daily food intake should consist of fresh, cooked, and easily digestible food.

Peya / Medicated rice gruel is a healthy and quick to digest food that can help relieve stress and digestion. It is also good for reducing blood pressure and keeping the body cool.

Rice is good for our bodies. It builds ojas, which is the essence of good health.

Peya is a Sanskrit technical term translating to thin gruel,  and is used throughout Ayurvedic literature such as the Charaka Samhita. Gruel is a type of soup usually having with some type of cereal as a base.

Peya refers to one of the various types of “gruels” (usually refers to a food preparation with cereal boiled in water or milk), as mentioned in the Kṛtanna varga, which is a subsection of the Annapanavidhi of the Sutrasthana of the Susruta saṃhita, an important Ayurvedic treatise. The discourses of the teacher Divodasa are believed to be summarised by his disciple Susruta, who wrote the work Susruta Saṃhita in 4th century CE. Kṛtanna-varga, the subsection of Annapanavidhi describes the preparations and properties of different types of gruels like peya, vilepi, maṇḍa, payasa, mudgayuṣa and kṛsara, meat dishes like ullupta, vesavara.

According to Bhojana kutuhala, rice gruels are prepared by boiling rice in water. Different types of rice gruels are described here, the water content being different. For yavagu generally the quantity of water taken is six times that of the measure of rice. If the quantity of water is four times, it is called vilepi. If it is fourteen times, then it is peya.

Peya Kalpana- This Kalpana is prepared by using rice and water in 1:14 proportion. The rice is cooked in said proportion of water and then maximum watery content of the prepared formulation is collected with few grains of cooked rice is known as Peya (rice gruel).

PEYA (Medicated Rice Gruel)

Peya in Ayurveda

Ingredients Quantity

  • Red rice – 300 gm
  • Water – 4200 ml
  • Salt – to taste
  • Mustard – 1/2 tea spoon
  • Cumin seeds – 1 tea spoon
  • Fenugreek seeds – 1/4 tea spoon
  • Dry ginger – 1/4 inch piece
  • Cinnamon – 1/4 inch piece
  • Cardamom – 1 No.
  • Cloves – 2 No.
  • Coconut milk/milk – 100 ml
  • Total quantity: 1 litre

Method of preparation

Wash the rice and soak for 5 to 10 minutes. Meanwhile roast the mustard, fenugreek & cumin seeds and powder them coarsely. Boil water in a pressure cooker, add salt and washed rice, add the powder, stir well and close the lid of the cooker. Cook on medium flame till 4-5 whistles. Remove the lid when there is no more steam and empty into a serving bowl. You may add coconut milk or milk. Serve hot with any stir fried vegetables and chutney.

Health benefits

Natural red color acts as an anti-oxidant that counteracts free radicals. Its low sugar and glycemic content and appreciable amount of iron, zinc, manganese, calcium and fibre makes it an desirable dietary option for heart patients, diabetics as well as for those with high blood pressure and obesity. It is good for gut health and also helps in controlling the pulmonary functions because of its rich magnesium, iron and medium chain fatty acids content.

Alternative Ingredients

Coconut milk used in Peya can be substituted with water.