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Career Alternatives for Ayurveda BAMS Graduates in Canada

Are you a BAMS graduate? Are you thinking of pursuing your career in Canada but do not know much about the available options, their feasibility, future outcomes, and success rates? Are you feeling overwhelmed and super confused? Don’t worry at all. You are on the right path for now. Today, we will be giving you some highlights on the possible courses with the help of which you can successfully immigrate to Canada like other International BAMS Graduates. Let’s not waste your valuable time and directly jump into the list of possible alternatives you can opt for with their brief descriptions:

  • Diploma in Health Care Administration: This course will give you a generic knowledge of the Canadian Health Care system, leadership, team coordination, communication strategies, and other crucial information required to manage a team and any healthcare setting. If we talk about its future aspects, you can start as a Medical Administrative Assistant at any facility and grow further as a Manager or the Chief Administrator, taking part in the decision-making process. This course and its career outcomes are more inclined to the management of health care setups such as clinics and hospitals. There are a number of colleges that offer this diploma, Conestoga College is one of them and you can get more information at Click Here
  • Diploma in Health Office Administration: If we talk about this course, it is a bit similar to the diploma mentioned above but differs in various aspects. It basically teaches you the management of the medical office or the clinic itself. You will learn how to manage patient files and records, use various medical terminologies, enter patient information in the system, book appointments, deal with patients, and have professional communication. After pursuing this program, you can start working as a Receptionist or Administrative Assistant in a clinic. Looking at the promotion, you can progress to the Office Manager level. The same is the case with this program; you can check any of the college’s website to get some more knowledge, one of them is Lambton College- Click Here
  • Master’s in Health Sciences: This post-graduate degree focuses on the research that culminates in a master’s thesis or major project. The student can choose one of the key areas among Community, Public, and Population Health, Health Informatics, or Kinesiology. Students in each stream will work on a different skill set that will prepare them for other future endeavors. As there are various areas that a student can choose from and study, it will open different career pathways based on the area of study. You can explore the University of Ontario Institute of Technology’s website for more details at Click Here
  • Master’s in Public Health: This master’s degree will result in a good knowledge of the broader area of Public Health in Canada. You will learn about various Canadian healthcare policies, research tools, disease prevention and health promotion, and management and administration of public health services. Soon after graduating, you can start working with the government on various projects in relation to public health or with the municipalities to promote health in the given region. You can also start working as a Health Promoter, Public Health Inspector, or Health Promotion and Research Analyst. It can give you a great platform to work at a higher level with federal, provincial, or municipal government. The University of Waterloo is one of the reputed universities in Ontario which offers this master’s degree and you can search it further at Click Here
  • Master’s in Health Administration: This post-graduate degree is a kind of advanced level of the Diploma in Health Care Administration. It will give you detailed knowledge of the design of the Canadian healthcare system and its various organizations, accounting and financial aspects of healthcare, ethical decision-making, quality management, human resource management, and interprofessional health education. As a result of this master’s degree, you will be able to use your potential skills as a Project Manager, Consultant, Specialist in Health, Chief Administrators, and later on as a CEO. This is one of the best options for those who want to pursue their career in the field of administration. The information on the website of Dalhousie University can be helpful to know about this program: Click Here

As you noticed, various options are available after BAMS, including diplomas and master’s degrees. Undoubtedly, a post-graduation will always be considered a better option than a diploma, but each has its pros and cons. A diploma is usually cheaper than a master’s program. In contrast, a master’s degree can help you grab more CRS points if one of your aims is to get a Permanent Residency in Canada. Also, it is a very general observation that post-graduation demands a lot more hard work and dedication than a diploma. So, think and choose wisely!

As you know, the sky is the limit; you can choose and create your own career path based on your personalized skillset. We are here not to promote any particular study program or institution but to provide you with a helpful guide to sort out some confusion regarding your career path.

We wish you all the very best for your future as an Ayurvedic Health Care Professional!