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How Ayurveda doctors can Immigrate to Canada

This blog will help you understand step by step procedure to immigrate to Canada having an Ayurvedic background.

Canada is a land of opportunities and as an AYUSH professional, there is a chance that you can migrate to Canada.

Canada is going to invite 1.2 million skilled immigrants in the coming years and if you are interested in migrating to Canada, the time is now.

Being an Ayurvedic doctor, you come under the category of skilled labor. In some provinces of Canada there is demand for Ayurvedic doctors as people are looking for more and more holistic therapies.

To know the step by step instructions to how to fill up your Express Entry Profile you can use the link below

You can check the eligibility for Express entry program by using this online calculator and can map down the next steps to start preparing your application.


Whether you have completed your BAMS, or Masters or PhD in Ayurveda there are ample opportunities and new avenues to explore in this wonderful country.

I hope you found this information useful and if you have any questions, feel free to comment down below so that I can answer them and everyone can benefit from this small community.

Jayatu Ayurvedaha Jayatu Bhartam